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By Didi Kashemwa / Published on Thursday, 16 Nov 2017 12:12 PM / No Comments / 413 views

Aisha Noor, best known by her moniker Truphena, from her Former role in the local comedy programme, The Real House Helps of Kawangware, lost her son almost a year ago after a short illness, in her hometown, Mumias where she had taken him to spend time with her elder sister.

Aisha has come out to reveal she missed her son’s burial, thanks to her ex boyfriend who had her arrested over a theft case, and abandoned her during that dark moment on her life.

She emotionally narrated;

“I had hired someone else’s video camera on behalf of my boyfriend and had the agreement registered under my name. He misplaced the camera while using it. I do not know who stole it from him, or how he misplaced it. After informing the camera owner that I had misplaced the device, I was arrested and detained at Central Police Station. I was later arraigned at Milimani Law Courts for theft.”

“My son at that time was 11 months old. Given, I was in police custody, my son could not be detained alongside me. He was taken away. I did not know where he was. How I wish I was allowed to be with him in police custody. I understand death is unavoidable, but I could have watched him die in my hands, in my presence.”

“Two days later, I was released on bond and reunited with my son who was putting up at a relative’s place. I took him to my parents’ home in Mumias, and returned to the city to look for money to compensate the camera owner.”

“Two weeks later, my mum called and told me that my son was dead. She told me that he succumbed to an infection. By the time I traveled to Mumias, my son was already buried according to Islamic practice. I did not see him lifeless. I did not take part in his burial.”



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