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By Didi Kashemwa / Published on Thursday, 11 Jan 2018 11:37 AM / No Comments / 195 views

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Akothee and her manager Nelly Oaks, recently revealed they were officially an item, after sharing numerous pictures, on their respective social medias, of what seemed like a luxurious bae-cation.

Akothee however took her fans aback after photos of her, on a date with a white guy surfaced. The incident had many speculating, she had outdone her relationship with Oaks with a new one, real quick.

The outspoken singer, took it to her Instagram, to refute the claims, by posting unprintable words, where she claimed the date with the mzungu was purely professional insinuating her relationship with Nelly Oaks was steady than ever.

“Please respect my space and stick to your lane. Dinner with friends and family should not turn to your imaginary sex fantasies.” She ranted out in part.

Check out the full response below;

It seems that blogs have the Google maps to my relationship status. Anytime I post a photo with an opposite sex anywhere or somewhere am already dating them? This someone behind there laptop must have full prospectus of my future relationship. Please respect my space and stick to your lane. Dinner with friends and family should not turn to your imaginary sex fantasies. respect SEX because you are a product of ! Not everyone is as horny as you , know that some clients have families and hold high status so keep your horny arses out of my biz , I tell you whom I am dating at the moment and even walked you through whom I dumped so what f*** is wrong with your dander heads ? Or do you wish to be the one having sex with me ? No way , I don't date broke lazy arses behind some desktops hopping and breathing people's lives get a life maggots, you will never share my music or any positive thing you only desperate to whom am having sex with puga did I ran away with your sex ? Remember some of the men I post on my wall are people's husbands fathers who don't know or understand your madness respect yourself first Akoth inyamri kata iwuotho otek manade jokamaa, wach ngony oooola

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