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By Didi Kashemwa / Published on Tuesday, 17 Oct 2017 11:09 AM / No Comments / 106 views

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The current political temperatures being experienced in Kenya, seems to have taken a toll on everyone one way or another. The ongoing demonstrations by the NASA supporters have resulted in a number of individuals losing their lives including innocent children.

Singer and mother of five Akothee, took it upon herself to leave her usual life entertaining stories, and pen an open letter to the government in which she rants out;

“Good morning Government, we’ll the country is wondering why I don’t talk about politics , my worry is, I can’t talk about a story that I don’t know it’s head or tail , especially where blood is shed, it’s not a joke as a mother to watch people’s children being Butchered like animals , it’s not easy to see children running helplessly from their classrooms in the name of tear gas, I could not imagine seeing my son rolling on his stomach from lecture rooms looking for help , it has been a terrible year for parents , families entrepreneurs and the country as a whole , I stopped watching news for it makes me helpless and sad, now seeing innocent people fished out of their boda bodas, beaten, their only source of income destroyed! I mean this is uncouth, if you could know how Kenya is depicted in the outside country you could find a solution to this blood shedding, I don’t know what will happen to the tourism industry,let’s not lie to each other ,the tourism industry has been affected 100%, no one would like to visit a country with security instabilities, secondly , companies will retrench employees , there is no business so what do you keep employees for? This means another shock to the family and society at large, I believe Kenyans have democratic rights so they should be allowed to exercise it peacefully, and security provided for them not vise Vasa, it’s a pity that we only have 2 standards of living in Kenya , very rich and very poor , the middle class don’t have opportunity to grow , they are the ones leading the most difficult life , eating from hand to mouth , they could be having good jobs but Kenya has become more expensive than Switzerland, we should not exercise our hunger & greed for power on our common mwananchi. My Kenya is lonely and as a Kenyan, I get goose pimples when I see those men in black heads, combats, and gumboots, I only see death and not Security when I see them ! how about children living in this affected areas ?what do you think is going on in their brains? so you already know we are raising a bitter generation , the effect will only be seen in the future generations PRAY FOR KENYA
#someonetellthegovernement .”

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