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By Didi Kashemwa / Published on Monday, 30 Oct 2017 11:52 AM / No Comments / 402 views

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Akothee is well known for the phrase My life Your Entertainment and the wealthy  musician never fails to update her loyal fans on some juicy details on her private public life.

The mother of five, recently narrated a cringing story on how one of her mzungu baby daddies took her through hell and back when she was expecting his baby, by demanding she underwent an abortion which she vehemently denied.

She relieved the terrible ordeal, by exposing the guy who she terms as Markus by sharing with her fans how they met and the struggles that ensued.Part of the lengthy post read;

 I was very weak and hurt and sickling, but went on with my job as a taxi driver , he went back to swiss , so I sent him a message told him I wanted the baby born in Switzerland , & he sent me an email to abort the baby , and that I should not tell people he is the father of our son . this was a shock to me , My baby was already 4 months , it was not an accident nor forced , it was planned , so I decided to carry my baby, ooh it was not the pregnancy challenges that made me sick., I was hurting without knowing I had constant headache that no panadol would relieve , well all through the pregnancy I received no support from him , so I decided to follow him in swiss , when I arrived at 8 months , he kept on telling hurting words eg (a man can not fall in love at 50, you have too many children ).

Check out the full story below;





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