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By Didi Kashemwa / Published on Monday, 21 Aug 2017 11:55 AM / No Comments / 355 views
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Keroche Breweries CEO’s daughter, Anerlisa Muigai is not only filthy rich thanks to her parents fortune, but the young lass has worked her way up to the top to prove that beauty really suits well with brains. Anerlisa is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of NERO- a company that produces Executive drinking mineral water.
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She shared with her followers advice on how to start small and end up big, although she is aware for her case it was different, she believes drive and passion are the ingredients for her success. She wrote;
In this life you have to know what you are doing and also what you really want out of it. I am always asked how do you start a business without capital, well my answer is very simple, first you have to create a good relationship with your bank and how do you do that? First you have to seek employment then show the bank there is money coming in from a monthly doesn’t matter if it’s 5k, 10k, or even 20k. As long as you have something coming into your bank account the bank will be willing to give you a loan. From there you will grow slowly. It is also very important how you spend your money as they also monitor how responsible you are.
I know finding a job has become so hard nowadays because vacancies are not there and nobody hardly ever want to leave their jobs, but i always think we don’t all have to be employed. Somebody somewhere in Gikomba is buying clothes with the little money they have and making profit out of it. It’s about the drive, passion and the will to do it. Lastly I hear people say that I did not Start from scratch and you know what? Yeah they probably right, but one thing I know for sure is that if you do not have that business mind or that drive, your business will definitely fail. You could have lots of money today but at the end is how you use/plan for it. *set your priorities right *keep your mind set *use your funds right.”
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