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By Didi Kashemwa / Published on Friday, 03 Nov 2017 12:22 PM / No Comments / 252 views

Singer Bahati has finally responded to the allegations he defrauded a business named Thuranira Kathiai, Sh.200,000 for a joint business venture, that also had him arrested and was released thanks to his connections with high end officials in the government.

Bahati claimed to have no idea of the allegation story that has now gone viral on the internet , by saying;

“Mi sijasikia stori ka hiyo. Hao ni wasee wamelipwa kuandika vitu kaa hizo. Mi ata sijui. Si acha nikucall baadaye juu niko kwa meeting kiasi?”

Bahati’s manager Josphat Kioko, further trashed the rumors of his artist having been arrested by claiming;

“Ati ameshikwa, lini, ilihappen siku gani? Sisi hatuko Nairobi, tuko mahali tunapiga shoo.Hao ni wasee wanahangaika kusaka content tu, hakuna kitu kaa hiyo brathe.”

His manager concluded by claiming, the said Thuranira, would be sued for defamation without offering any concrete evidence.

“We are leaving it to our lawyers to deal with the issue. How can someone make such a claim without any evidence?”


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