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By Didi Kashemwa / Published on Wednesday, 27 Sep 2017 12:42 PM / No Comments / 540 views

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The National Super Alliance leader, Raila Odinga during a press conference claimed Safaricom were involved in the alleged rigging of the August 8th General elections.

The elections were annulled by SCOK citing irregularities and Illegalities. Raila accused Safaricom of keeping mum during the illegal transmission of results that were sent to France instead of being reflected at the IEBC servers in Bomas of Kenya.

He added 100 biometric voting kits were stolen from IEBC before thee voting, and were later used to convey results and Safaricom failed to alert authorities despite being aware.

Safaricom’s CEO Bob Collymore, has rubbished the claims, and invited investigations to be carried out and necessary action taken. He issued a statement that read;

Our attention has been drawn to the statement read by NASA on September 26th with regard to the conduct of the August 8th General Election. Safaricom Limited would like to clarify our role in last general election. We were required to:

(a) Provide a dedicated secure tunnel to transmit the encrypted data from the KIEMs kits to the IEBC server, also known as a Virtual Private Network or VPN;

(b) Provide technical support to the IEBC before, during and after the general election day including a dedicated project manager; and

(c) Provide a record of transmission from all the SIM Cards provided to the IEBC under the contract for purposes of the General Election.

For further clarity as to how transmission was conducted, the country was divided into zones, allocated to Safaricom, Telkom Kenya and Airtel Kenya, collectively known as the Mobile Network Operators (MNOs).

All KIEMs kits had two SIM cards with one MNO as primary provider and the other MNO as secondary. Each of the MNOs established a VPN to transmit results from areas where they were either a primary or secondary provider. The role of the MNOs was therefore merely to transmit the results from the KIEMs kit to the IEBC servers.

In accordance with the contract with IEBC, all the mobile operators connected their VPNs and transmitted the data to the IEBC cloud servers. It was IEBC’s responsibility to transmit results from its servers to the tallying centres and this was publicly available information.

Contrary to what is alleged in the NASA statement, results from KIEMs kits from Safaricom zones, were transmitted and are on the IEBC web portal.

Further, it is factually incorrect and unsupported by any evidence whatsoever that Safaricom was informed that some 100 KIEMs kits, as alleged, were stolen from IEBC.

As such there was nothing required for Safaricom to report and in any event, if any KIEMS kits were stolen it the responsibility of IEBC to make such a report and further notify the MNOs to deactivate the SIMs.

Safaricom did not receive such a report from IEBC. Safaricom is deeply concerned that the NASA statement has recklessly gone ahead to mention innocent Safaricom staff members needlessly endangering them and their families. This action is callous and unnecessary.

Safaricom would like to state that we discharged our contractual obligations strictly in accordance with our contract and the law.

Safaricom is ready to face any investigations and/or private prosecutions, brought by any party, on this matter.

Bob Collymore


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