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By Didi Kashemwa / Published on Thursday, 05 Oct 2017 13:04 PM / No Comments / 325 views



Many believed Zari had truly forgiven and forgotten Diamond’s infidelity which he publicly admitted. The two seemed more in lover than ever in during Zari’s birthday in South Africa. Things however seemed to be taking turn for the worst, when Zari, remained quiet during Diamond’s 28th birthday parties.

Zari puts on a rare public display of affection with Diamond after forgiving him for cheating on her

It’s not yet clear, whether the two are on their way to calling their relationship quits or just a publicity stunt, as Zari decided to unfollow Diamond on Instagram. She later took down all the pictures of them in their hay days from her account.

The mother of five, seems to mean is not business as usual, as she also deleted on their two children (Nilan and Tifah), Instagram Bios the bit that read they were Diamond and Zari’s kids. Sources claim that Zari has been going through immense humiliation following Diamond’s confession and had, had enough of the drama.

Zari seems to be  also sick and tired, of showing off, men who humiliate her in every possible way, as she posted on her snapchat;

“No more validation of guys on social media for them to make you look like a fool. Chao”

Zari Hassan

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