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By Didi Kashemwa / Published on Thursday, 10 Aug 2017 13:29 PM / No Comments / 1727 views

Trust Kenyans to make humour out of any situation on a lighter note. During the voting process for the General Elections that went down on Tuesday, August 8th, a certain man won the hearts of many when he queued while eating ‘Githeri’ in a polythene bag.

Image result for githeri man

The man who has since been named the Githeri man, has helped ease the tension atmosphere while waiting for the final presidential votes, through instances of his photo that has been well photoshopped in various unexpected instances with prominent persons.

Below are Some of the trending Githeri man images that have left many in stitches;

githeriman 22


githeriman 15

githeriman 11

githeriman 21

Hilarious! This is what Kenyans on social media did to the man spotted eating githeri while queuing to vote


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