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By Didi Kashemwa / Published on Wednesday, 22 Nov 2017 15:46 PM / No Comments / 313 views

Once upon a time, Nairobi’s con-men targeted  the naive looking peoples but tables have turned as the most neatly dressed elites have recently found themselves innocently falling for the tricks the thieves use.

To help you, not be a victim of being fleeced, below are few signs to help you safely dodge the CBD;

1.In The Matatus;

Most Nairobians use the public transport, where the con men usually have their claws out to pounce on your valuables through the following ways;

  • By reading newspapers and spreading them across your face-you get distracted and your purse/phone is gone.
  • Dropping coins and asking for help to get them-As you look down to pick they rob you.
  • Pretending to help you fasten your seat belt.

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2. On The streets;

You are aimlessly walking on your way to or from work or whichever place and suddenly;

  • Someone pretends to run into you and unknowingly slashes your bag and walks away with your valuables.
  • Someone pretends to have found an envelope full of money just where you are walking by. Promises to share half of the amount with you but in a safer place. They take you to a place where they quietly rob you as you helplessly watch.
  • You meet someone looking for directions to Kenya charity sweepstakes, they show you proof of a ticket where they’ve won a lot of money. They pretend to not have an ID and ask for your help in collecting the cash. As you enter the KCS offices they ask for your phone, as security you won’t fleece them. You accept, enter the offices and find the card was fake and your phone is gone.
  • You meet with someone who brainwashes you, using family problems that you are aware of and asks to pray for you. If you accept you’ve fallen for the trap you’ll be robbed.
  • A helpless woman comes and asks for your phone to call their son, they don’t pick up and unknowingly her accomplices follow you to the matatu you are boarding, claims their phone was stolen rings your number, and the mob acts on you.


3. On phone;

  • You’ll receive a message asking you to send money to a certain number as the other ones is experiencing difficulties.
  • You receive a text claiming your relative has been involved in an accident and they need airtime to call for an ambulance or money to rush them to hospital.
  • Safaricom fraudsters


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