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By Didi Kashemwa / Published on Monday, 02 Oct 2017 11:57 AM / No Comments / 490 views


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Supreme court Judge Njoki Ndungu was among the minority ruling that had no problem with the presidential election petition that had been filed with NASA leader Raila Odinga. Njoki gave a long detailed assessment, on her ruling, that had many satisfied while others on the opposing side still not convinced.

The judge for many who might remember, was once a Member of Parliament who is famously known for the famous ‘Njoki Law,’ which saw her steer the  Key human rights amendments, to the Refugee Bill ‘Sexual Offenses Bill, 2006. She was also responsible for the law that allows for both paternity and maternity paid leave.

Celebrated journalist Julie Gichuru, combined the achievements Njoki Ndungu had acquired and posted a special message on her social media where she refers to her as her Hero. The post read;

Julie Gichuru and Supreme Court Judge Njoki Ndungu

You are my HERO alongside our fellow Loreto sister Wangari Maathai.
I watched you passionately work on the Sexual Offenses Bill then present it to a hostile parliament that vowed to shoot down any attempt to protect women. You lobbied tirelessly & against all odds saw the passage of the Sexual Offenses Act 2006, an Act that now provides a firm foundation for the protection of women, children & men. Resolute, determined, knowledgeable, principled & purposeful, you MADE A DIFFERENCE.

During the post election mayhem of 2007/2008 I struggled to find Voices of Reason amidst the threatening bray of loud extremists. You spoke up for peace & justice when many others were fearful. You took a NOBLE STAND FOR KENYA.

I watched you work diligently on the Constitution of Kenya Review Commission, making time to inform & educate Kenyans on the content of the draft. When you were concerned that processes were not being followed in the Commission you spoke out, UNBOWED BY PRESSURE & INFLUENCE.

You have delivered the most thorough, detailed & researched dissenting opinion in the Supreme Court ruling on the 2017 General Election. UNBOWED, you have spoken hard truths, for that you are now under fire from some quarters. Such is life.

George Orwell wrote a fascinating essay, Shooting an Elephant. As a young officer in Burma, he was notified of an elephant that wandered into the village. A growing, braying mob that resented him goaded him on, demanding that he shoot the elephant. He knew it was scared, it had caused damage, agitated when it first wandered into the village but now the majestic animal was calm. He felt strongly that the right thing to do was to lead it safely, unharmed, out of the village. But this was not popular with the loud extreme voices of the mob. So, what was he to do?
You, Lady Justice Njoki Ndungu, refused to ‘shoot an elephant’. Most importantly, you took the time, effort & care to give the situation the time, effort & seriousness that it deserved. I salute you!

You are an exemplar. Stand tall as the winds blow. Your foundations are strong, woman of purpose, substance & grace. Stand tall knowing that there are so many more standing with you! 🙏💙🇰🇪


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