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By Didi Kashemwa / Published on Wednesday, 27 Sep 2017 11:40 AM / No Comments / 418 views

Eric Omondi pushed the real OG’s buttons after mocking him in the worst way possible. The comedian claimed his flashy lifestyle is all a facade, since its fully funded by a rich cougar who resides in Nairobi’s suburban area, Hurlingham.


To emphasize his point, Eric dashed to a petrol station where the rapper usually gets fuel for the Range Rover. He handed the attendant Ksh. 10,000 which was payment for Khali’s fuel in advance. The move was probably his way of telling the rapper, he leads a better lifestyle than him and can even sustain him.


Khaligraph Jones clapped back on the diss, by uploading a video of himself  dancing to Rose Muhando’s, gospel jam ,Yesu Nakupenda which was playing in the range rover he owns and captioned;

Kwa yesu Hakuna Sponsor New Song Dropping ft Jimmy Gait 😂😂😂
Ambieni Uyo jamaa ende gas station aongezwe hewa ama aulize ule socialite mwenzake kitu ilimfanyikia last time alijaribu kucheza na OG, Mazishi ni ile ile, last Warning..

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