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By omg! / Published on Friday, 22 Sep 2017 07:15 AM / No Comments / 479 views

It has long been whispered amongst industry insiders and music professionals in Kenya and in other parts of Africa that nothing of relevance seem to be happening within the Kenyan music industry.

The disparity between Kenyan artists and their African counter parts seem to become more obvious as each year goes by. Gone are the dominant Ogopa Deejay days of Nameless, Amani, Kleptomaniax, Deux Vultures and Others, with Tanzanian Rayvanny winning a 2017 BET award to Nigerian Mr Eazi touring the Western world sponsored by Apple music NO Kenyan act is at the moment doing anything even remotely close to this.

And now, it seems that what we have all feared has been confirmed by the International Alcoholic brand powerhouse of Moet and Hennessy.

Their ongoing Moet and Hennessy VIP tour which basically entails taking 3 entertainment influencers from the 3 main East African countries (Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya) seem to be proof of the doldrums that Kenyan Music finds itself in.

Moet and Hennessy picked Navio (Ugandan artist), Venessa Mdee (Tanzania Artist) and…wait for it… Shaffie Weru (Kenyan Radio Personality) to represent East Africa on their VIP tour.

So, WHERE WAS A KENYAN ARTIST in this line up????

Moet and Hennessy is a business and their decision was basically based on using an influencer from each region that will give them the most traction and return on investment (ROI). What this shows is that the Kenyan artist (to them) represents little or no value

This basically shows that in Kenya we have a massive problem in our music industry and we cannot ignore this any longer. There is no need pointing fingers and blaming each other for the sorry state the  industry finds itself  – we just need to find a solution.

We need to fix our music industry, and fast.

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