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By Didi Kashemwa / Published on Friday, 19 Jan 2018 13:49 PM / No Comments / 236 views


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Pierra Makena seems to have been caught by Cupid’s arrow once again, after suffering a heartbreak from her baby daddy, who’s identity she has never revealed, after revealing he was already engaged to someone else by the time she knew she was expecting her first child, Riccah Pokot.

Pierra who co-hosts the popular talk show, Let’s Talk on Ebru TV, opened up on her new found love escapade by saying;

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“I never thought I would find love after my ordeal, I’ve gone through a lot but I didn’t know that somebody can actually slip into my life.”

Once again, the sassy turntablist, kept mum on his identity only claiming they have been friends for a reasonable amount of time.

“It’s someone we have been friends with for a while. It’s good to have somebody who really understands you for who you really are, loves you for you and knows that this is the journey you’re taking and wants to walk the journey with you ”

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