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By Didi Kashemwa / Published on Wednesday, 11 Oct 2017 12:39 PM / No Comments / 317 views

The Kenyan king of bling, Prezzo was recently pictured with Tanzanian model and video vixen, Amber Lulu and speculations had it, his rapcellency had finally moved on from his officially off relationship with ex girlfriend Michelle Yola.

Sources claim that Prezzo had been constantly bugging the Tanzanian beaut, to a point where it had, gotten rather annoying. Speaking to EATV, E-Newz, Lulu’s best-friend and fellow video vixen Gigy Money, clapped at the rapper by saying;

“Prezzo chawa tu kama chawa wengine tunaweka,we kamshobokea katoka Kenya kuja Bongo unashangaa nini, umemuona Lulu ameenda Kenya mzuri huyo sio mbaya kwa hiyo nyiye tulieni tu na wengine watakuja kutoka Mardagasca,UK.”



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