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By Didi Kashemwa / Published on Thursday, 11 May 2017 12:05 PM / No Comments / 339 views

The beef season is going on and the rappers are putting their best dishes forward. King Kaka initiated the beef with Prezzo by calling out on him as just a mere boy compared to him who as he calls himself is the real king.

Prezzo didn’t take that kindly as he responded by posting a somewhat threatening video of a lady shooting repeatedly at a picture on the wall until he takes the gun away from her captioning it as King Kaka should watch his mouth as his cousin would take him out.

With Kaka Sungura keen on getting on the rappers nerves he responded;“The Real President just called. I hope hao wengine wanaShoot Video. Hahahaha”

Prezzo has responded by posting a video on the gram which he blatantly calls out on king Kaka for using his platform to look for fame by picking up beef with him the President.

To all you rappers out there, I wanna tell you one thing. Instead of picking beef with the president, you know make change in your community, in your society, in your country, like making 999 work. I made 999 work when it never used to work before. You know why, cause am the president. And am Kenyan. And at the end of the day you better believe that,use your platform for right reasons not to pick beef with the president. Use your platform for all the right reasons don’t be looking for cheap publicity through the president, coz I gotta a good watch but I aint got time. And with that said am gonna check up on my sunguras.

Watch the video below,

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