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By Didi Kashemwa / Published on Tuesday, 14 Nov 2017 11:45 AM / No Comments / 555 views

Tanzanian actress Elizabeth Michael, popularly known as Lulu, was found guilty by the Tanzanian High court and sentenced to two years behind bars, for the manslaughter case on the death of fellow actor and lover Stephen Kanumba.

The late Kanumba passed away on April 7th 2012, after a gruesome quarrel that ensued into a physical altercation with Lulu whom they were romantically involved.  The prosecutor of the case claimed the deceased younger brother, Seth Bosco, heard his brother complaining to Lulu for talking to her ‘other boyfriend’ in his presence.

“The deceased’s young brother approached the bedroom door and saw the accused person trying to force herself out of the room, but was pulled inside by the deceased and the door was locked from inside by the deceased,” the prosecutor further explained.

Lulu later dashed out the room and informed Bosco, Kanumba had fallen unconscious on the floor. His personal doctor was immediately called, and established the actor had already died at the crime scene.

Lulu in her testimony, told the court she unintentionally pushed Kanumba to his fatal fall out of mere self defense, as he was attacking her. Her lawyers have claimed they would appeal the decision and seek out bail.

The late Kanumba’s mother, after the ruling, expressed to journalists that Justice had finally been served. She said;

“Namshukuru Mwenyezi Mungu, naishukuru mahakama imetenda haki, Rest In Peace Marehemu Steven Kanumba. Kalale salama mwanangu Steven Kanumba, Nikitoka hapa naenda makaburini naamini naenda kumzika, akapumzike kwa amani.”


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