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By omg! / Published on Wednesday, 23 Nov 2016 08:31 AM / No Comments / 514 views


Technology glitches can be so embarrassing and more often than note if by human error can cost the offender their jobs. Recently twitter decided to suspend some accounts fewer as racist or Alt-right from using its service by blocking their accounts.

It appears in that in the process of blocking those unwanted accounts twitter also blocked its CEO’s account for up to 2 -3 hours.

Jack Dorsey who holds the twitter handle @jack is the visionary and driving force behind the social media platform must have been shocked to find out that he could no longer reach his account see picture below:

The CEO later tweeted out that this was an internal mistake so as to reassure his followers. Lets hope that whoever blundered was forgiven in the spirit of Christmas and is not out there looking for a new Job.

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Twitter mistakenly suspended its own CEO’s Twitter account

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