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By Didi Kashemwa / Published on Thursday, 12 Oct 2017 13:11 PM / No Comments / 458 views

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Vanessa Mdee might have hang her relationship boots with Juma Jux, but that does not stop her from still having his back. The two were considered a power couple in Tanzania, and their breakup was more hefty to their fans than to them themselves.

Jux recently uploaded a video of him alongside Vanessa Mdee, during a show where they were performing their hit collabo love song Juu. The move wasn’t very well received by a fan who accused Jux of desperately trying to please Mdee who was in no way interested in him.

The fan commented;

“Why are you posting her..??do you see her posting you?? You are desperate for a relationship. Vanessa Mdee is not interested In you you. Have nothing to offer her. Just move on with your life Juma and stop embarrassing yourself.”

Vanessa Mdee who had been mentioned a couple of times n the comment section, responded by that particular fan by saying;

“You need to assuming the position of my publicist. Who made you my spokesperson, do you not hear the rumble of the people. This is the music business and we are entertainers. Kila kukicha matusi kwenye page ya Kijana Wa watu. Utakuwa unampenda sio bure.”



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