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By Douglas Baya / Published on Wednesday, 16 Mar 2016 11:01 AM / Comments Off on WEMA SEPETU CONFIRMS THAT IDRIS IS STILL HER MAN. (EVIDENCE) / 3773 views


Controversial Tanzanian actress Wema Sepetu and BBA Winner Idris Sultan’s relationship came as a surprise to everyone. As much as it was a surprise, both their fans and haters embraced it as the two flaunted their romance on social media .Their love boat however experienced some serious turbulent after Wema’s ‘miscarriage’ which dozens of people believed was a ploy for publicity because she was never pregnant in the first place.


Like teenagers, the lovebirds exchanged bitter words on social media after their ‘breakup’, clearly proving that all was not well in paradise. Well, that was a couple of weeks ago but now their break up too could be fake if Wema’s recent Instagram post is anything to go by. Wema, who was defending herself after it was alleged that he was now seeing a new Congolese man took to Instagram to refute the claims saying that she is not dating any man from Congo and that people should stop making up stuff because everyone knows her boyfriend.

Wema na Idris

’’Mwanaume wangu nadhani anajulikana…..sasa endeleeni kuumpa huyo baba attention.sababu yeye nako naona kashaona ni kamchezo kakupatia followers…na nyie mnampa airtime ya endelea…ananiudhi na mimi kiukweli hadi Napata hasira..but nakaa tu kimya.’’she posted.

Her post just confirmed that she is still dating Idris contrary to the break up rumors doing rounds on social media.To finally seal it off,the Bongo movie actress took to her favorite means of communication,Instagran to express how much their love is eternal.Just today in the morning Wema posted a picture of Idris followed by the caption,”HIM & I are not the ordinary…I call him my true soulmate…#Hubby”


Idris on the other end has told a Tanzanian entertainment news site that he’d like to keep their relationship private for now and concentrate more on his work.Its now official!

”Sipendi uhusiano wangu uwe kitu kikubwa kuliko kazi yangu kwa sasa.”He said

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