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By Didi Kashemwa / Published on Monday, 16 Oct 2017 11:45 AM / No Comments / 92 views

Nazizi and Wyre in a past performance. PHOTO | FILE

Nazizi and Wyre back in the day were the most indisputable music duo thanks who released hits after hits under their brand name, Necessary Noise. The team soon parted ways, and Wyre seems to have been making some money moves while the latter went missing in action.

Nazizi attempts to bounce back in the music scene have been quite futile, which have stirred up allegations that the Hip-hop first lady, is struggling financially. Wyre however  has come out to set the record straight by claiming;

“I would differ with that, I don’t think Naz is struggling. You would be shocked the number of times Naz has gigs in Coast, TZ  or Uganda. Right now she is in Norway for a concert tour. She has actually been very busy.

The fact that you don’t see her on media doesn’t mean she is not doing well. She is pretty much busy to an extent that at times when I want us to have a studio session together, she is never available. What does that tell you, that there is demand for her music.”

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