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By Didi Kashemwa / Published on Friday, 26 May 2017 11:41 AM / No Comments / 3379 views


Zari’s ex husband untimely death took many in surprise as the Rich Gang President Ivan Ssemwanga was all fit and healthy until one afternoon when he fell ill after sharing lunch with his family. Ugandan newspaper claims that the late Don might have been poisoned.

Ivan was said to be filthy rich as apart from being Rich Gang president, which is well known for throwing mega parties in Uganda, he owned six schools across South Africa and several mansions and hotels in Uganda. The battle for his properties has been ongoing long before he kicked the bucket.

Zari has been on constant battle with her late ex husband’s friend Lawrence kiyangi and a reliable source was quoted claiming;

“At one point, these fights reached hospital and the two together with other family members had to be thrown out of hospital for the peace and sanity of the sick person. Ivan saw these fights, read some on Facebook but he just could not reply to anything. Someone had to hold the phone for him. And he had no reply just the hissing sounds. Deep down, he must have felt betrayed, used and abandoned by those he considered his closest,”

Zari claims that Ivan’s property should be rightly inherited by her three sons Quincy, Raphael Jr, and Pinto whom she sired with him.


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