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By Didi Kashemwa / Published on Monday, 09 Oct 2017 12:58 PM / No Comments / 537 views

Zari and Diamond’s relationship has gone through the wire, one too many times that many believe the couple might not stand the test of time. Diamond recently publicly admitted to have had a child, with Hamisa Mobeto and things started going downward spiral for them.

Zari however during an interview with clouds FM, clarified things between them are better than ever by claiming; “Hakuna lolote baya linaloendelea kati yangu na Diamond, na wanaheshima mikataba aliyonayo na kampuni pia hakuna chochote kibaya kinachoendele.”

Zari further clarified he wished him a happy birthday message personally as they are currently trying to remove their personal life from the internet, including the social medias. This was in response as to why during Platnumz 28th birthday she was nowhere to be seen.

Zari also put to rest the rumors going round that Diamond facilitated a private DNA test on their second born child Prince Nillan and discovered wasn’t his.

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“Hamna kitu kama DNA huyo ni mtoto wa Diamond sijui mbona watu wanasema si mtoto wake. There is nothing like that. That’s so wrong, hamna kitu kama hicho watu wanaongea, hakuna kitu kama hicho,” She said.

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