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It is a legal process enabling couples who have decided to separate or end their marriage to work with their collaborative professionals including collaboratively trained lawyers, coaches and financial professionals in order to avoid the uncertain outcome of court and to achieve a settlement that best meets the specific needs of both parties and their children without the underlying threat of litigation.

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You can get in touch with us by either sending as a message via our Contact page ,  or giving us a call on +254 100 997 320.

If you are in need of legal services or your legal rights, duties or responsibilities are under threat of abuse/infringement, then, yes! If you need an attorney, OMG attorneys are at your service

The court is always guided by the best interest of the child whilst making the determination on which parent to grant the exact custody of the child.

If you agree on your divorce and the reasons why, getting a divorce legally finalised will usually take 4 to 6 months. It might take longer if the court’s diary is packed or you need to sort out issues with money, property or children, which will have to be done separately

Legal custody is the right awarded to the parents to make important decisions regarding the child’s life after the parents divorce.

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