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A nyone facing any legal action or breach should look a full service law firm fitting their respective needs. As a full-service law firm providing legal services and advice for both businesses and individuals, we fight to achieve a positive outcome for our clients and get them the results they deserve.

At OMG, our expert attorneys can help clients across the world no matter who you are, where you are and what you require. Practising law is our passion at OMG. We build close working relationships with our clients and in your time of need, we are the legal experts to have by your side.

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Legal Practice Areas

Divorce & Separation​

If you need a top divorce lawyer but your spouse controls the family finances, our experts can help get your legal fees paid by your spouse


We'll take full responsibility for dealing with legal, tax, property and estate administration affairs on you and your family's behalf.

Child Custody​

In these cases our expertise and tough negotiating skills are coupled with sensitivity, kindness and tremendous efficiency.

Domestic Violence​

We are highly experienced in dealing with matters of harassment and domestic abuse which arise in the context of a family dispute

Employment & Labour Relations

We provide exceptional employment law advice and representation for employees in various sectors

Criminal Matters

Our lawyers are astute, supportive and highly sophisticated in providing strategic, sensible and practical criminal law advice

Personal Injury Claims

If you have suffered a personal injury or accident, we can help you get the compensation you rightly deserve from your insurance company

Environment & Land Matters

We have great expertise when it comes to environmental and land legislation at Regional, National and International levels

Marriage/Civil Unions​

We'll help you protect your assets or determining the financial terms of separation in case your relationship breaks down

Adoption & Surrogacy​

We are experts in domestic and international surrogacy arrangements. We'll advice you on obtaining legal rights to the child

Property Settlements​

Property disputes and the rules governing their resolution regularly raise complex, fact-specific issues. Don't worry though, we've got you covered

Tax Laws

Let our experts deal with all your tax related matters from preparing to filing, and benefit from our years of experience in this complex world.


If you’re buying a new home or selling your commercial property, rely on us to help you with all the legal procedures. We simplify the entire process

Legal Consultancies

We are proficient in facilitating the smooth running of every case, so you can have complete confidence in our expertise to get the results that you want

Legislative Drafting

From Legal motions, Demand letters, motions, cease and desist letter, case briefs, complaints, reply to motions and so much more - get in touch

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Our attorneys are knowledgeable in all areas of general alternative dispute resolution law

Extra Services

Other than the above, we also offer the following legal services.

Human Rights

David Walubengo was a Death Row inmate at Kitale Prison having been condemned in 2017. Upon reviewing his case, and successful application of a resentencing trial – not only were we able to get him a commendation from the Prison Warden, but made a successful argument for his resentencing to 10 years – removing him from Death Row. 

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Anne Munyua

Justice for every citizen is the highest ideal in any democracy

Practice Area

Civic Education

We strive to continually and systematically provide information and learning experiences to all citizens for their effective participation in democratic life. This in turn helps impart information and create awareness of civic morals and values, rights and responsibilities.

Practice Area
Sharon Gerald

Civic education and civic responsibilites are extremely important and should be taught to every citizen

Public Participation Forums

The main aim of public participation is to encourage the public to have meaningful input into the decision-making process. Public participation thus provides the opportunity for communication between agencies making decisions and the public.
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Oscar Oduor

Engaging and involving the public in decision making is the essence of great governance by any government

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